Winston Scott

Former NASA Astronaut

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Winston Scott amazes audiences with breathtaking actual footage from space as he takes them on a journey to places few people will ever see. He also draws on his NASA experience to offer a unique perspective into multinational team building and the essence of leadership. From numerous spacewalks and satellite retrievals to groundbreaking experiments for the International Space Station, he has helmed teams of astronauts and technicians as they pushed the boundaries of scientific knowledge in some of the most strenuous conditions known to man. The knowledge and insight that Scott gained from his work provide an indispensable resource for any organization or individual performing under pressure.

Everyone really enjoyed his presentation and he stuck around for a while answering questions. Overall a real success!

- US Coast Guard

About Winston Scott

Winston Scott has had a  journey to the stars as a NASA astronaut that is a testament to the power of perseverance and vision.  Raised in Miami, Scott’s largely segregated education provided little access to resources, but his own determination combined with the dedication of his teachers set him on an inspiring path of achievement.  Since retiring from NASA Scott has remained an active pilot and his work in space is now regarded as a case study in leadership and expert communication, qualities most clearly exhibited in the much-publicized manual capture of the Spartan satellite in the 1997 Columbia mission.

Continuing to excite readers, Scott’s book, Reflections From Earth Orbit, is not your typical “how do you go to the bathroom in space” book.  Rather, it is a book about life as told through the reflections of Scott, prompted by events that occurred during his two space missions as a NASA astronaut aboard the space shuttles Endeavor and Columbia. Reflections is Scott’s way of sharing some of the experiences that drove him to overcome his life’s obstacles and become one of the select few who journeyed into outer space.

Speech Topics

  • Destination Outer Space
  • Lessons from NASA: Multinational Team Building and Leadership
  • To the Stars and Beyond: Reaching Your Dreams

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