Valerie Plame

“Outed” CIA Operations Officer, Best-Selling Author of Fair Game & Blowback

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For Valerie Plame, national security is necessary to establishing a thriving democracy – one which promotes education, healthy living, and economic growth. With an expert understanding of worldwide governments, covert cyber operations, and counterterrorism, Valerie Plame discusses espionage, the current condition of international security, and the fight against nuclear proliferation.

Valerie Plame also examines the growing debate about privacy policy and national security, providing unparalleled insight into NSA operations, cyber security, and global protection.

Alternatively, Plame discusses her best seller, Fair Game and often speaks alongside her husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, in an astute and enlightening presentation that recapitulates the CIA leak controversy.


To put it into one word she was outstanding. Not only was her speech great, she was very kind to all of our members.

- Missouri Trial Lawyers Association


About Valerie Plame

On July 14, 2003, the CIA lost one of its finest covert Operations Officers when senior White House and State Department officials revealed her top-secret identity to a newspaper columnist who published her name – Valerie Plame.

The political firestorm fueled an investigation uncovering suspicions that the Bush administration compromised Valerie’s identity on purpose – a federal act of treason; and in 2007, she published the intimate details of the affair in her 2007 New York Times Best Selling autobiography Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House.

As a CIA operative, Valerie managed top-secret programs designed to keep terrorists and rogue nation states from acquiring nuclear weapons. She continues her service in global intelligence as a board member of Global Data Sentinel, a cyber security company that safeguards digital data through email, Starling Trust, a predictive behavioral analytics agency, and the Ploughshares Fund, as well as numerous nonprofit organizations.

Speech Topics

  • Countdown to Zero: The Case for Nuclear Disarmament
  • Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House
  • Security vs Privacy: A Deeper Look at NSA Spying and Its Implications

Books and Media

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