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At the Podium

In a delightfully open and engaging presentation, the Tuohy family invites audiences to go behind-the-scenes of their household with a heartwarming message: “In our house, we believe in miracles.”

Our guests are still commenting about how deeply they were moved by the Tuohy family’s support and encouragement. They continue to change lives in very meaningful ways. We’re thankful for the inspiring presentation they gave.

- Conference for Inclusive Communities

About The Tuohy Family

“I think Michael had a much greater impact on our lives than we did on his. You take so much in life for granted, but when Michael moved in with us, he made us realize how blessed we are. We viewed life differently after he joined our family.” — Leigh Anne Tuohy

The Tuohy family’s life, as chronicled in Lewis’ New York Times number one best-seller The Blind Side, went on to become a record-breaking Hollywood blockbuster that earned more than $300 million at the box office and became the number-one opening weekend for a sports film in history.

Speech Topics

  • Every Team is a Family: In Conversation with The Tuohy Family
  • In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving
  • The Value of People

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