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Emmy Winning Journalist & 60 Minutes Correspondent

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Steve Kroft gives audiences a “no-holds-barred” exploration of his experiences around the globe and the insight he’s gained while meeting some of the world’s most influential people. From surviving a plane crash to covering wars in five continents, Kroft’s experience as a reporter will leave a thought-provoking and profound impact. He also offers an inside look at how news is reported and the affects it has on today’s society.

Steve Kroft was a hit with Omaha Town Hall! He was charming, gracious, and had rich and interesting experiences to share. We got lots of positive feedback.

- Susan McWhorter, Omaha Town Hall

About Steve Kroft

Steve Kroft was named a correspondent of 60 Minutes in May 1989 and delivered his first report that fall. Few journalists have achieved the impact and recognition that  Steve Kroft’s  work has generated for 29 seasons on the most watched news program on television.

In 2008, he landed what was arguably the biggest interview of the year: the first post-election sit-down with Barack and Michelle Obama. It was broadcast on 60 Minutes November 16 to over 25 million viewers, the largest primetime television audience of the season to that point.

Kroft’s 60 Minutes story on insider trading in the U.S. Congress in late 2011 drove the passage of Senate and House versions of the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) to prevent members of Congress from financial market trading based on nonpublic information learned in the course of their congressional work. He also reported two of the biggest news stories of 2011, getting the only interview with President Barack Obama on the killing of Osama bin Laden and revealing that author and humanitarian Greg Mortenson lied in his best-selling book, Three Cups of Tea.

Speech Topics

  • 60 Minutes with Steve Kroft
  • Off the Record: How News Works

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