Steph Hammerman

First Female CrossFit Coach with Cerebral Palsy, Cancer Survivor, Adaptive Athlete & Inspirational Speaker

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Steph Hammerman’s mission is not only to inspire others, but to compel them to action. Drawing from her experience, adapting for everyday tasks and challenges that are commonly taken for granted, Steph discusses the importance of living life to the fullest despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. With charm and a robust confidence, Steph shares her story and invites listeners to discover, fulfill, and if needed, adapt to a life of purpose.

I can’t say enough of how happy I am with Steph’s visit to our campus. She was amazing!

- Adrian College

About Steph Hammerman

  • Steph is an inspirational, engaging and charismatic speaker who all could learn from.
  • Not just talk, but action: Steph is happy to lead an “adaptive” workout with your audience.
  • A speaker who focuses on the positive in everything, Steph motivates her audiences to achieve their goals and beyond.

They call her “The Hammer,” and it’s no wonder why; Steph Hammerman lives by the motto “Failure is not an option.” Born three months premature, Steph developed Cerebral Palsy shortly after birth; it was believed that she would never walk, speak, read, or write. However, despite the everyday challenges she faces living with CP, Steph Hammerman has gone on to defy the odds and shift the paradigm of what it means to be “able bodied,” becoming the first female certified CrossFit level 2 trainer in the world with Cerebral Palsy.

Speech Topics

  • My Story, Your Success: Keynote and Crossfit Session with Stephanie Hammerman
  • The “Adaptive” Method to Life & Fitness: Failure Is NOT an Option

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