Sean Carroll

Author, Physicist & Host of Mindscape

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Sean Carroll is an expert in the most cutting-edge ideas in modern science, philosophy, and technology, with a unique ability to make difficult concepts understandable and exciting. His scientific work is driven by a curiosity to comprehend the universe at a fundamental level, and his public activities are motivated by a conviction that this curiosity is shared by everyone.

In his capacity as a theoretical physicist, Carroll gives lucid and entertaining talks on some of the most way-out ideas in modern science: quantum mechanics, the multiverse, dark energy, and the arrow of time. He is also devoted to exploring connections between many different fields, and has written and spoken on topics in philosophy, politics, technology, and the future. A common theme is the power of human reason and imagination to give us new ways of understanding the world around us.

About Sean Carroll

As a Research Professor of Physics at the California Institute of Technology, Sean Carroll’s work focuses on fundamental physics and cosmology. He has been awarded prizes and fellowships by the Guggenheim Foundation, National Science Foundation, NASA, the Sloan Foundation, the Packard Foundation, the American Physical Society, the American Institute of Physics, and the Royal Society of London.

Carroll’s most recent book is The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself. Previous works include The Particle at the End of the Universe and From Eternity to Here, as well as three lecture courses for The Great Courses. He has written for The New York Times, Scientific American, Nature, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications. He has also served as a science consultant for several movies and TV shows, including Angels and Demons, Fringe, Big Hero Six, and Avengers: Endgame. He has been an invited speaker at conferences and activities devoted to philosophy, theology, engineering, medicine, design, paleontology, military studies, education, politics, media, film, art, and literature.

Carroll has been featured on television shows such as The Colbert Report, PBS’s Nova, and Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. He was one of the first physics bloggers, and is active on social media. He is the host of the Mindscape podcast, featuring intelligent conversations with the world’s most interesting thinkers, from scientists and musicians to professional poker players and movie directors.

Speech Topics

  • The Big Picture
  • Why is the Past Different From the Future?
  • The Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics
  • Science, Democracy, and Truth: Disagreement and How We Deal With It
  • The Only Constant is Change: How Complex Systems Work
  • Science and Hollywood: Behind the Scenes

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