Rula Jebreal

Foreign Policy Analyst, Newsweek/The Daily Beast Contributor & Human Rights Advocate

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With an uncanny balance of candor and compassion, Rula Jebreal delivers an engaging program covering both the history and current events shaping culture, economics, and politics in the Middle East today. With a focus toward empowering the civilian population through education, and giving the moderate populace a voice, Jebreal discusses how the citizenry—the people, not the militaries or polity—holds the key to a future of peace in the region.

About Rula Jebreal

Broadcast journalist & renowned speaker, Rula Jebreal is a lifelong advocate for women’s rights and civil liberties in the Middle East.  Born in Haifa, Israel, Jebreal grew up in Jerusalem during the first intifada in the 1980s. After the suicide of her mother at age 5, her father placed Rula and her sister in the care of a remarkable Palestinian woman, whom Jebreal credits with saving her life as a surrogate mother and mentor. As a child, Jebreal discovered her love of literature and began to understand the roles of women and what they endure in warzones. As a woman having lived and worked in various “hot zones” (Israel, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon), and having experienced first-hand the rise of the Islamist movement and the evolution of their relations with the West, Jebreal adds a unique perspective to the socio-political dialogue surrounding the Middle Eastern conflict. Jebreal strongly supports education, especially for women and girls, as the key to conflict resolution.

Fluent in four languages, and a citizen of both the East and West, Jebreal acts as a cultural ambassador, bridging the gaps in knowledge and understanding that often hinder progress and change.

Speech Topics

  • A Conversation with Rula: An Insider’s View on the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Syria
  • Middle East: The Revolution of Change and Progress
  • The Struggles of Women in the Arab Muslim World

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