Rick Wilson

GOP Strategist & New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author, Everything Trump Touches Dies

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Rick Wilson is no left-winger; he’s a lifelong conservative who delivers his withering critique of Trump from the right. Wilson’s thirty years of political experience make him uniquely qualified to provide not only this insightful analysis of the Trump administration but also to offer an optimistic path forward for the GOP, the conservative movement, and the country. At the podium, Wilson offers a unique combination of insider political analysis, blunt truths, and black humor–perfect for those on either side of the aisle who need a dose of unvarnished reality, a good laugh, and a return to sanity in American politics.

About Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson is a seasoned Republican political strategist and infamous negative ad-maker. His regular column with The Daily Beast is a must-read in the political community. Published in The Washington Post, Politico, The Hill, The Federalist, Independent Journal Review,he’s also a frequent guest on “Real Time with Bill Maher”, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, “With Friends Like These,” and the national networks.

A 30-year veteran of politics, Rick got his start in the 1988 Presidential campaign of George Herbert Walker Bush, and since has produced groundbreaking advertising and provided winning strategic counsel to political candidates, SuperPACS, state parties, the national campaign committees, and corporate, association, and government clients across the nation and around the world.

A pioneer of and leader in the Never-Trump movement, Wilson released the best-selling Everything Trump Touches Dies in August 2018. In the book, Wilson brings his dark humor and biting analysis to confront the absurdity of American politics in the Age of Trump. He mercilessly takes down Trump and exposes the damage Trump has done to the country, to the Republican Party Wilson served for decades, and to the conservative movement that has abandoned its principles for the worst president in American history.

“Rick Wilson’s acid wit is directed at the absurdities, excesses, and hypocrisies of President Trump and the alt-right’s deformation of his once-proud Republican Party.” —John Avlon, CNN Senior Political Analyst

Rick Wilson lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife, too many dogs, and a nameless cat. They have two grown children. Rick enjoys hunting, fishing, flying, and overthrowing governments.

Speech Topics

  • Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever
  • American Electoral Politics
  • American Political Parties and Movements
  • The Republican Party: Politics and its Future

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