Richard DesLauriers

Retired FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Boston Division

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At the Podium

Richard “Rick” DesLauriers uses his two and a half decades of FBI work—including his on-the-ground experiences during the Boston Marathon Bombing, the hunt for notorious organized crime boss Whitey Bulger, and the dismantling of a Russian spy ring—to address questions of leadership, teamwork, decision-making, and empathy. In recounting the events of the April 2013, he focuses on the importance of collaboration, calling attention to the seamless communication between the FBI, the Boston Police Department, and other federal, state, and local agencies. (Upon taking the Special Agent in Charge position at the Boston Division, in May 2010, DesLauriers made it a priority to know all regional police chiefs and sheriffs by name, and to attend regional police association meetings, so as to establish and maintain those key relationships.) He takes audiences through the hundred hours between the explosions at the Marathon finish line and the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, recounting these horrific and thrilling events with insight, solemnity, and deep compassion for the victims and the stricken city of Boston. Audiences come away moved, inspired, and armed with leadership and communication techniques applicable to any situation.

The knowledge and sentiments shared will have a long-lasting impact on our community, both on and off campus.

- Salem State University

About Richard DesLauriers

Rick DesLauriers served in the FBI for over 25 years, retiring from the bureau in 2013 as Special Agent in Charge of the Boston Division. There, he led a variety of high-profile cases, including the arrest and prosecution of a Russian spy network operating covertly in the United States (Operation Ghost Stories, in 2010); the successful capture, in 2011, of James “Whitey” Bulger,” an FBI Top Ten Fugitive; and, in April 2013, the manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers. He was portrayed by Kevin Bacon in the 2016 film Patriots Day. Since his retirement from the FBI, DesLauriers has worked in the corporate security field in Michigan.

Speech Topics

  • Necessary Empathy: Prioritizing Victims' Needs in Times of Crisis
  • One Team, One Fight: Collaborating to Capture the Boston Bomber
  • The Skills to Lead: A Quarter Century in the FBI

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