Patti Davis

Best-selling author of Angels Don't Die

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Davis comes to the lecture podium for a moving and unforgettable program about healing, reconciliation and her rediscovery of the power of family. From her memories of growing up in the spotlights of Hollywood and the Governor’s mansion to the rebellious and tempestuous White House years to the heartening mother-daughter reunion, Davis paints an inspirational portrait of life in a very special American family. It is a life-affirming program that is not to be missed.

About Patti Davis

The world knows much about Ronald Reagan, but it should also know that he passed along to his daughter a deep, reliant faith that God’s love never wavers; that no matter how harsh life seems, or how cruel the world is, love is constant, unconditional and eternal. — Patti Davis

Taken from her best-selling book, Angels Don’t Die: My Father’s Gift of Faith, Patti Davis’s words sum up the core belief that has kept her family strong throughout a long history of public life and personal tensions. Today it also addresses the strength that drew the family together as her father, Ronald Reagan, one of the most beloved world leaders of our time, battled the creeping thief called Alzheimer’s before his death.

Her new book, The Long Goodbye, chronicles with moving openness her father’s battle with Alzheimer’s and its impact on her family. Her graceful memoir vibrantly weaves her childhood experiences into the story of former President Ronald Reagan’s decline. Her message of love, loyalty and forgiveness overshadows the darkness of the disease’s effects, and the result is a heartfelt tribute to her father.

Much has been written about the family disagreements that characterized Patti’s early years in the national spotlight, but little has been said about the moving aftermath–the emotional reconciliation with her mother Nancy, and the gathering of support that keeps the family strong.

Speech Topics

  • Angels Don't Die: My Father's Gift of Faith
  • Public Lives, Private Healing: One Family
  • The Long Goodbye

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