Mike Forde

Leading Talent Management & High Performance Expert

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Mike Forde helps today’s leaders understand how to create a competitive advantage using smart recruitment and building an ‘ecosystem’ in which recruits could fulfill their potential. Drawing from his experience leading world class sports organizations, he imparts wide ranging best practices in leadership, and talent and data management in order to best foster a high-performance environment in any business or industry. Through his talks, Forde helps executives understand, develop and execute on performance data insight and foresight.

About Mike Forde

Mike Forde is one of the UK’s leading sports executives, having worked in the English Premier League—the most competitive and widely watched soccer league in the world—for the past 15 years. He is recognized for driving innovation and cutting edge methods across the high-performance world of European soccer.

“Asset management and how we view talent as products that need investment, nurturing, maximizing, and replacement is an obvious bridge that links the elite level of professional sport and the cutting-edge world of top level business.”

Speech Topics

  • Developing a High Performance Culture
  • Managing a Global Workplace
  • Managing Talent in a Dynamic, Results-Oriented Environment
  • Using Data to Drive Business

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