Michele Bachmann

Former U.S. Presidential Candidate & Long Term Member of the U.S. Congress

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At the Podium

In an eye-opening conversation, Congresswoman Bachmann delivers a candid and impassioned look at the deficiencies of the current direction of America’s political policy, and the importance of reflection back to the intentions of our Founding Fathers. Using anecdotes from her prolific and vast political experience, Congresswoman Bachmann highlights the necessity for limited government, greater fiscal responsibility, an unrivaled national defense, a foreign policy that is to be both respected and admired, and the protection of liberty for all Americans.  Her passion is to once again define America as the great land of opportunity and improved lifestyles for each new generation, and not simply become the land of entitlement.  Her audacious viewpoints and perceptive long-term insights into the impact of issues such as National Security, Education, Healthcare, the Global Economy, Immigration, and other traditional social values make for both a riveting presentation, and a call to action for audiences to look deeper into their own positions on America’s current political policy, moral standing, and social issues.

Michele did a great job of presenting and engaging with the attendees.

- Abba Pregnancy Rescource Center

About Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was the first Republican woman to actively seek the job of President of the United States. Three years ago, without an extensive political organization, nor a significant major donor fundraising base, but with the encouragement and financial support of hundreds of thousands of common patriotic Americans, Congresswoman Bachmann entered the Presidential race. Just 60 days later, she won the first contest—the Iowa Straw Poll. That victory, and her subsequent eloquent and astute participation in 15 Republican Presidential debates, drew her international recognition and acclaim.

As a believer in the traditional values upon which America was founded, Congresswoman Bachmann consistently defends America’s religious liberties and the importance of the traditional family as a bellwether necessity for a stable society.  She  has also continuously worked to defend the right to life for  all Americans, including the unborn.

With our government’s massive growth and huge increase in debt under the current administration, in July 2010, Congresswoman Bachmann was motivated to establish the Congressional Tea Party Caucus—to which she was elected Chairman five years in a row. She boldly calls for a renewed focus on upholding the principles as laid forth by our Founding Fathers in our Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

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  • An Evening with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: A True Patriot with Real Conviction

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