Michael Oher

Inspirational Subject of The Blind Side & NFL Player, Carolina Panthers

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Michael inspires audiences to see their greatest challenges as opportunities. “As I look back, it’s crazy how I got here,” he says. “But it didn’t seem tough at the time. I just lived day to day, did the best I could.”

Michael is a very sweet, kind man. We very much enjoyed having him at our fundraiser. He has the power to help so many foster kids by sharing his story.

- Treehouse

About Michael Oher

Michael Oher’s inspirational journey from the streets of Memphis to the NFL was chronicled in Michael Lewis’ best-selling book The Blind Side, now a major Hollywood blockbuster. The adopted son of Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, Michael spent most of his childhood in various foster homes and moved in with the Tuohys when he was 16. “Who knows where I’d be?” says Michael, who with the love and support of the Tuohys, improved as a student and became the most sought after player in college and professional football. Oher currently plays as Offensive Tackle for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. In the 2015-16 season, Oher was integral in helping the Panthers secure the NFC Championship and advance to play in Superbowl 50.

Speech Topics

  • Behind The Blind Side
  • Challenge & Opportunity: A Conversation with Michael Oher
  • Every Team is a Family: In Conversation with The Tuohy Family

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