Meredith Whitney

Leading Financial Analyst and Investment Manager

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Whitney lives up to her reputation as Wall Street’s star analyst, offering audiences a profound and comprehensive insight into our economic situation. As the leading authority on America’s credit crisis, Whitney demystifies our financial system for novices and industry experts alike. She explains how we can recover from the economic issues that even Wall Street struggles to understand. “Life is all about how much you prepare, and if you over prepare, you will always succeed,” she says.

About Meredith Whitney

Hailed as “The Oracle of Wall Street” by Bloomberg, Meredith Whitney has been ahead of the curve during America’s largest credit crisis since the Great Depression. Whitney’s rise to international prominence was triggered in October 2007, when she made one of the most controversial and highly publicized calls in Wall Street history. A Wall Street veteran of over 15 years, Whitney’s career has been defined by her bold predictions which have garnered global attention. Now focused on the U.S. recovery, Ms. Whitney has layered her expertise on the financial industry with a deep mining of the fiscal and legal frameworks of the states to identify what she believes will be the next American super-cycle of economic growth and investment opportunity.

In June 2013, Meredith Whitney published her highly anticipated first book, Fate of the States: The New Geography of American Prosperity. In it she delivers a sobering vision of the next few decades by exploring the consequences of roughly half the country being stuck in a vicious cycle of decline while the other half enjoys a virtuous circle of growth. Whitney is currently the Managing Partner (and founder) of Kenbelle Capital, LP—a long-short US equity fund launched in Nov. 2013.

Speech Topics

  • Coping with Our Turbulent Economy
  • Fate of the States: The New Geography of American Prosperity
  • Go Against the Grain: Take the Risk
  • How Savvy is Wall Street Really?

Books and Media

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