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Audiences come away from an evening with Mark Feuerstein with a smile from ear to ear, inspired by his story and entertained by his unique brand of humor. Through anecdotes about his life both personal and professional, he leaves groups of all ages and interests riveted. Whether discussing his daughter Addie’s struggle with a rare heart defect when she was 5 months old or the loss of a small fortune to a best friend/con man while trying to make it in Hollywood, Feuerstein has overcome great adversity and come back from it all stronger. Mark is also incredibly proud of his Jewish heritage and thrilled to represent his people wherever he can. He has spent years as a mediator struggling to achieve equanimity in a crazy profession. He advocates for heart patients, for immigrants, for Jews everywhere, and for creative types who can’t seem to control their spiraling minds.

About Mark Feuerstein

Over the past 20 years, Mark Feuerstein has received critical acclaim for his roles in feature film, television and theater, but is best known for his lead role as Dr. Hank Lawson in the series Royal Pains. He has become a multi-hyphenate in recent years, directing many episodes of Royal Pains, and writing and creating a show for CBS, 9JKL, that he also starred in.

In 1993, as Feuerstein was preparing to graduate with honors from Princeton University, he received a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to study abroad. He received a degree from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. But feeling confident after a year of playing the leads in Shakespeare and Chekhov plays, he had his head handed to him by a brilliant French clown teacher in the North of London who put him up in front of a bunch of strangers and in his strong French accent demanded “BE FUNNY!” Just ask him to tell you the tales of his experiences with Philippe Gaulier and you will be rolling in the aisles.

In his early years doing regional theater, Feuerstein was discovered by the great TV director James Burroughs (Cheers, Friends, Will and Grace) who plucked him from obscurity and gave him plum roles on a bunch of hit sitcoms like Caroline in the City and Good Morning Miami.

Firmly on the map, Feuerstein then ventured into more dramatic territory, getting discovered by Aaron Sorkin and playing the virtuous Republican Clifford Calley on The West Wing. These roles led to his expansive film career in which he got to play Sandra Bullock’s husband in Practical Magic, Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones’ sidekick in Rules of Engagement, Mel Gibson’s sidekick in What Women Want, Penelope Cruz’s love interest in Woman on Top, Albert Brooks’ nemesis in The Muse, and then, the movie that had women—Jewish and non-Jewish alike—swooning for him, In Her Shoes, in which he played Toni Collete’s love interest and Cameron Diaz’s brother in law. Feuerstein was also thrilled to play a Jewish intellectual opposite Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber in Ed Zwick’s epic film about the largest rescue of Jews by Jews in the Holocaust, Defiance.

Feuerstein was also thrilled to make his Broadway debut in Alfred Uhry’s (Driving Miss Daisy) Tony Award-winning play The Last Night of Ballyhoo. He was on stage for two hours straight at the Geffen Theatre in Some Girls, written and directed by Neil LaBute.

Feuerstein also raised all the money himself and produced the laugh-out-loud funny independent feature Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant which also starred Henry Winkler, Stanley Tucci, Taye Diggs, Marcia Gaye Harden, Molly Shannon, Danny Pudi, Rebecca Romijn, and Jason Alexander.

In addition to the great stories he has to tell about all of these projects, Feuerstein can honestly and openly relate the experience of helping his five-month old daughter, Adelaide, survive two open heart surgeries. In total, she spent 89 days in the CT-ICU of Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. As a result, he has become an incredible advocate for those with cardiac issues and for CHLA. He not only volunteers much of his time there, but has also completed the Malibu Triathlon eight times to raise money for CHLA. He cares deeply about the institution and self-care which was a major facet and message of his hit USA series Royal Pains.

Not only was Mark in the great Holocaust film Defiance, he is also an incredibly outspoken and proud Jew. He has done talks at Princeton, his alma mater, and Duke University on Jewish Identity in the Media, and is always happy to pontificate on the importance of representation for his people, in front of the camera and in the stories we choose to tell. Not to mention that every year at Hanukkah-time he gets on Access Hollywood, dons a yarmulke and sings the Hanukkah blessings on national television.

In his spare time, Feuerstein enjoys mountain biking, yoga, jogging and photography. In addition to coaching his son’s baseball team, and daughter’s soccer team, he enjoys biking with his kids through his Hancock Park neighborhood and jumping on trampolines with them. Mark is a huge advocate of meditation for mental stability and is well-versed in much of Buddhist and mindfulness literature.

Additional charity involvement includes Leadership Circle of the Waterkeeper Alliance (Bobby Kennedy Jr. charity), Food on Foot (great organization for helping the homeless in LA), LA Young Playwrights Festival and Ovarian Cancer Research, among others.

He is based in Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife, Dana Klein, and their 3 children, Lila, Frisco and Adelaide.

Speech Topics

  • An Evening with Mark Feuerstein
  • If It Seems Too Good to Be True, It Is: Tales of a Life in Showbusiness
  • When Your Children Need You Most
  • Jewish Identity in the Media

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