Marc Ginsberg

Former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco & Middle East Foreign Policy Expert

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As he travels around the world, Amb. Ginsberg, an expert on Islam, addresses the genesis of Islamic radicalism, its targets, its weaknesses and how the proliferation and interdiction of terror organizations will affect the global economy. He offers audiences penetrating insights into the future of democracy in a troubled Middle East, the role of business in the global war on terror, the role of media and 21st century communications techniques in winning the battle of hearts and minds in the Muslim world, and a penetrating investigatory look into the world’s energy sector.

Ambassador Ginsberg is extensively knowledgeable and did a great job, especially on such short notice.

- University of Dayton

About Marc Ginsberg

Ambassador Marc Ginsberg is one of America’s most recognized and respected television analysts of frontline “business diplomacy” — the crucial intersection of cutting edge foreign affairs and its impact on global business. From Europe through the Middle East to the Far East, Amb. Ginsberg brings to his audiences a highly unusual and invaluable combination of experiences and qualifications as a global investment banker, international lawyer, media commentator, television producer, and decorated senior U.S. diplomat. Bridging the partisan divide he offers fascinating “fair and balanced” perspectives on global trouble spots and their impact on America and the corporate world.

Not only are his insights informative, they are also widely heard and read around the world. Ginsberg is a regular commentator on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and Fox News as well as Middle East and European media outlets including BBC TV. His insights are published in such publications as The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the Weekly Standard. Ginsberg is also a regular foreign policy blogger for the Huffington Post.

Speech Topics

  • Containing the Chaos: A Strategy for Calming the Messy Middle East
  • Journey into Jihad: Winning the Battle of Ideas Against Islamic Extremism
  • The CEO as Secretary of State: The Essentials of "Business Diplomacy"

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