Marc Eckō

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Marc Eckō Enterprises

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One of the most provocative entrepreneurs of our time, Eckō has built his company into a billion-dollar fashion and media empire. Now he steps out from behind the rhino to reveal a visionary formula for building an authentic brand engineered for success. On stage, he inspires audiences to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams—even if the odds seem stacked against you (and your budget)—and provides actionable tips any up and coming entrepreneur can readily apply to their own business vision. He also shares anecdotes from his own journey from start-up owner to fashion mogul.

About Marc Eckō

  • Marc Eckō explains why you can’t “Moneyball” the Zeitgeist.  You can use analytics as a tool, but can’t use it as a substitute for defining your brand.
  • As an artist himself he is able to discuss the intersection of business and creativity in a way that most business entrepreneurs can’t do.  This insight helps him understand the importance of making sure the consumer feels a certain way when using his products.
  • Complex Media is the largest media platform for millennial men age 18-34 on the web.  Find out why this important demographic is critical to your brands success.

“Marc is living proof that you can be a marketing and business whiz and still be a true artist.”   — CNBC

Once a graffiti artist with no connections and little fashion pedigree, Marc Eckō left the safety net of pharmacy school to follow his dream and build his own designer fashion brand. Armed only with hustle, “sweat equity,” and creativity, he turned a meager $5,000 investment into a global corporation now worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Speech Topics

  • Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out

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