Luis D. Ortiz

Associate Broker at Douglas Elliman Real Estate & Co-Star of Million Dollar Listing

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With immense and diverse personal experience across film, finance, and real estate, Luis D. Ortiz speaks directly to our natural desire to flourish personally and professionally. In every speech, he demonstrates how we can reinvent ourselves in order to reach our maximum potential.

Ortiz is living proof that all people encompass the ability to be successful in life – a journey which he  believes begins with funneling our energy inward and ends with harnessing a newly discovered (or re-discovered) personal power within ourselves. He believes this power is what spiritually forces each and every one of us to reach for what we want and need most from life. 

About Luis D. Ortiz

Luis D. Ortiz is one of the very few real estate agents who truly understands and appreciates his role as a broker. With a diverse background in both finance and film, as well as an unstoppable drive to succeed, Luis D. Ortiz is the director on set of every client’s real-life production of finding the perfect home or investment property. He is driven by the adrenaline that comes with successfully closing deals, which has led him to sell over $100 million in residential real estate in the past three years alone. Today, he is one of Bravo’s most inspiring personalities, co-starring in the Network’s Emmy-nominated ‘Million Dollar Listing New York,’ a series which follows him as he expertly brokers the buying and selling of luxury properties in New York City.

Highly creative and hyper-intuitive, Ortiz’s knowledge of film direction and production heavily influences his unique approach to real estate. He directs the process from its inception to full execution, motivating everyone involved through his own genuine eagerness to deliver at the highest level possible. His authenticity, remarkable level of positivity, and passion for NYC real estate have helped him develop a keen, ever-evolving understanding of both the market and his clients’ needs – knowledge that he is thrilled to share with audiences.

Speech Topics

  • Harness Your Power: How to Reinvent Yourself & Be Successful in Business
  • Reaching for the Impossible: How I Mastered the NYC Real Estate Market
  • The True Importance of Learning Who You Are & Reaching Your Maximum Potential

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