Laura Linney

Award-Winning Theatre, Film & Television Actress

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A Forgotten Profession: Reconsidering the Arts as Essential for Success. Linney speaks about the importance of infusing creativity into all aspects of our lives, both for those in the corporate space and for students. She distinguishes how the arts enrich everything we do and allow us to live fuller, more prosperous lives. She demonstrates how we, as a society, can reconsider liberal arts careers as the important instruments of skills like socialization, interpretation, character building, and originality. It is an intelligent examination of professionalism and creativity, in which one cannot thrive without the other.

The Big C: Easing the Pain of Cancer and Finding Beauty in Tragedy. Linney encompasses incredible empathy for those diagnosed with cancer and the loved ones who suffer with them. Since losing family to the degenerative disease, Linney has grown a deep appreciation for each simple moment in life. She observes exactly how the art of comedy offers a necessary release from reality – a brief but important moment that allows everyone to laugh, forget, reconnect, reset, and keep fighting.

Women in Film: Navigating a Male-Dominated Industry. Linney knows what it means to be a working woman in Hollywood and has witnessed the operative gender inequality within the film industry. She carefully exposes the isolation, insecurity, and competition between actresses that have resulted from this inequality. In a program that challenges gender prejudice, Linney shatters common misconceptions about Hollywood life and reminds us that anyone is at risk of discrimination.

A Master Class with Laura Linney: Linney is also available to teach a Master Class. She works closely with talented students, examining their unique styles and offering expert wisdom into the pursuit of becoming an unforgettable performance artist.

People who have worked with Linney constantly remark on the earnestness of her enthusiasm, usually just before or after they gush about what a humble, decent person she is.

- The New York Times

About Laura Linney

Laura Linney’s respect and gratitude for creative expression is limitless. Born to a prominent NYC playwright and nurse, Golden Globe, SAG, and Emmy award-winning actress Laura Linney began her experiential education in performance art at an early age.

After graduating from The Juilliard School, Linney went on to appear in leading roles across film, television, and theatre. She’s performed in a myriad of productions such as the upcoming films Genius and Nocturnal Animals. Other films include Mr. Holmes, Kinsey, You Can Count on Me, Mystic River, Love Actually, and The Truman Show. Notable television credits include the Showtime Series The Big C, the HBO mini-series John Adams, Tales of the City, and Frasier. Prominent Broadway productions include The Crucible, Time Stands Still, Sight Unseen, Six Degrees of Separation and many more.

Linney has also been honored for her work in cancer advocacy. Having lost family to cancer, she understands the unique physical and emotional damage inflicted on victims and families. She aims to help them find ways to cope, grow, and rebuild so that each one can truly win his or her own fight against cancer.

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