Kevin Lacz

Former Navy SEAL, NYT Best-Selling Author, and Co-Star of American Sniper

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Complacency Kills: Combat’s Most Important Lessons Applied to the Business World
With mantras he learned in training as a Navy SEAL, Lacz illustrates the pitfalls of becoming too comfortable in any situation, how to avoid stagnancy, and the characteristics of the most successful individuals. Recognizing complacency and the ability to avoid it is vital to the success of any team.

Risk v. Reward
With his own journey from struggling student to decorated Navy SEAL as an example, Lacz shows the importance of identifying, mitigating, and overcoming risks. Risk is ubiquitous however personal comfortability makes any leader comfortable with risk taking which is crucial to success.

Outside your Comfort Zone
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” is synonymous with being a Navy SEAL. Lacz takes his audiences to the place where SEALs find comfortability with being uncomfortable. With anecdotes of dynamic warfare, training, and special operations, Lacz teaches his audiences the importance of remaining vigilant and meeting opportunity when it arises.

Own Your Space
Confidence is paramount to success. From borderline college student to Navy SEAL at the height of the Iraq war to successful entrepreneur, Lacz demonstrates the mindset needed to take control of any situation. With his message, Lacz empowers his audiences to find success and replicate it each and every day.

Leadership at Every Level
The failure of a team is ensured when its members sit idle as they wait for leadership. The SEAL Teams are different. Each individual is a fighting force and each member is capable and ready to lead. Lacz’s message addresses the unique ability of SEALs to lead and win regardless of situation and rank. From personal experience both on and off the battlefield, Lacz demonstrates that importance of being a leader in every aspect of every job.

American Sniper
Kevin’s unique role as technical advisor and co-star in the blockbuster hit resonates with audiences worldwide. Lacz describes in detail a behind the scenes look at both the film and the real life stories that informed it. Lacz’s work with Chris Kyle on multiple deployments as snipers with SEAL Team THREE connects with audiences as he goes beyond the story told in the movie.

In 28 years the audience’s comments and appreciation exceeded all speakers I have employed. Kevin was humble, down to earth, and approachable, all could relate to him.

- EnerSys

About Kevin Lacz

Kevin Lacz is a decorated former US Navy SEAL; the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir The Last Punisher; a SEAL technical advisor; a co-star of the blockbuster smash American Sniper; a certified Physician Assistant and co-founder of Lifestyle and Performance Medicine; and spokesperson for Hunting for Healing, the charity he co-founded with his wife. Kevin Lacz has gone above the pinnacle of serving among America’s Special Operations to become a bestselling author, an accomplished speaker, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and an active member in his community.

Lacz’s journey began after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, which took place when he was in college. Fueled by a desire to serve his country, Kevin left college and joined the US Navy. He completed Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training and found a home at SEAL Team THREE Task Unit Bruiser. As a sniper and combat medic, Kevin was crucial to the success of Task Unit Bruiser which emerged as one of the most highly decorated special operations units of the Iraq war. Kevin received multiple awards during his service, including a Bronze Star with combat “V” and the Navy and Marine Commendation Awards with combat “V.” He left the SEALs after eight years of service in 2010.

Fueled by success within Naval Special Warfare, Kevin took his skills back to the classroom, graduating Magna cum Laude from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Political Science. He continued on to Wake Forest University, where he graduated with a Master of Medical Science-Physician Assistant.

During his tenure at Wake Forest, Kevin was approached by legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood, who asked him to serve as SEAL technical advisor on his adaptation of American Sniper, the story of Chris Kyle. Kevin helped the actors accurately portray Navy SEALs and worked closely with Bradley Cooper in particular, who portrayed Kyle in the film. After a short time working together, Cooper convinced Kevin that he should play himself in the film. Eastwood gladly agreed, proud to have someone on screen who knew the film’s events and its hero firsthand. Kevin was an integral part of the Oscar winning film, which garnered six nominations in 2015, including Best Picture and Best Actor (Bradley Cooper).

Kevin released his New York Times best-selling memoir on July 12, 2016. The Last Punisher: A SEAL Team THREE’s Sniper’s True Account of the Battle of Ramadi is a bold, no holds barred first person account of the Iraq war and the pivotal battle that ensured its success. With wry humor and moving testimony, Kevin tells the story of his deployment and the successful implementation of his task unit known as “The Punishers” in helping to secure the city with both the Army and the Marines.

Currently, Kevin is a certified Physician Assistant in Florida, where he co-owns Lifestyle and Performance Medicine-powered by Regenesis, a concierge based Functional Medicine practice. His clients include professional sports teams along with specialized units within US Special Operations Command. Kevin is also the spokesperson for his charity Hunting for Healing, a Florida 501(c)3 that takes serviced-disabled veterans and their spouses on hunting, fishing, and other outdoor expeditions. He is a regular guest on Fox News and has also appeared on CNN and MSNBC. He lives in Florida with his wife Lindsey and their children.

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