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From a Louisiana beauty queen to a Wall Street attorney to a tough New York City prosecutor, Faith Jenkins has traveled nearly every walk of life, fighting adversity every step of the way. Faith loves sharing her story of hard work, faith, perseverance and the challenges she faced navigating through her career with college students and professionals. She also discusses the hard truths about the inner workings of the criminal justice system stemming from her experience as a prosecutor in Manhattan. Faith leaves audiences inspired by her powerful, unique voice and her example of serving as a realistic role model for many.

About Judge Faith Jenkins

Born and raised in Louisiana, her first job out of law school was in New York City. As a litigator at Sidley Austin – one of the most prestigious law firms in the country – she helped represent numerous high-profile clients in a diverse array of complex, commercial litigation matters.

After five years as a Wall Street litigator, Faith joined the Manhattan District Attorney’s office as a criminal prosecutor. As a prosecutor, Faith worked on hundreds of criminal cases, including indicting and prosecuting a multitude of violent crimes.

One day in college, while feeling defeated for failing to get a job in her dorm, Faith walked into the student union and saw a sign advertising the Miss Louisiana Tech University pageant. In small print it stated that the winner would receive a year of tuition, fees and room & board. Miss Louisiana Tech University had never had a black woman title-holder, but Faith was determined to change that, and did. She entered the competition, beat the odds and won. After winning Miss Tech, Faith then went on to be crowned Miss Louisiana 2000 and then Miss America 2001 first runner up. Her story about taking a leap of faith began in that college dorm in 1998, and her life continues to be a testament to that journey.

Faith remains active in the Miss America Organization and judges state preliminaries every year.

In the summer of 2012, Faith became known to national television audiences on a daily basis. After the homicide of Trayvon Martin, Faith was a regular guest on a myriad of CNN, FOX, and MSNBC shows where she offered high-quality legal analysis in a way that viewers could easily understand and follow. Faith is able to successfully navigate different audiences by staying true to herself and the law. Faith deconstructs legal theories posited by both the defense and prosecution, and soon came on the radar of television executives looking for a new host in daytime tv.

In 2014, Faith’s nationally syndicated daytime courtroom show, “Judge Faith”, premiered. On the show, Faith hears real cases from actual litigants involved in lawsuits from around the country. She brings her no-nonsense style of justice and southern charm into the homes of millions of viewers each day. The show is currently in its 4th year on the air in over 93% of the country. Faith also hosted a true crime show called “Justice By Any Means” for TV One where she told the stories of crime victims families going through great lengths to help solve the murders of their loved ones.

Faith graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science from Louisiana Tech University and a J.D. from Southern University’s law school in Baton Rouge, LA where she ranked #1 in her law class.

Speech Topics

  • Judge Faith Rule
  • Black Women's History is International History
  • Women's History is American History
  • Taking a Leap of Faith: What it Means to be Pushed to Your Purpose
  • Changing the Criminal Justice System from Within
  • Social Media and the Law: Don't Get Caught-Up

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