Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Acclaimed Actress and Eating-Disorder Spokesperson

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At the Podium

At the podium, Jamie-Lynn Sigler speaks from the heart in a fun, engaging and illuminating presentation. Her inspirational story emphasizes that the key to success isn’t just what’s on the outside, but is a combination of brains, gut instincts and learning from everyday experiences. Her optimistic philosophy: “What matters is that you make your life matter. Follow your dreams, challenge the odds, defy your critics, champion a cause, sing out until your voice is heard!”

About Jamie-Lynn Sigler

As Meadow Soprano on HBO’s blockbuster hit The Sopranos,┬áJamie-Lynn Sigler portrays a smart-but-emotionally frustrated mob princess. In actual life, there is even more to this Jewish-Cuban American starlet who’s not shy in sharing her feelings on issues she believes significant.

Soon after being cast in The Sopranos, Sigler began battling an eating disorder that turned her into a shadow of her former self. Her recovery inspired her to go public in an effort “to reach young girls and let them know that there is a way out; there is help available.” Today, she is a vital spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association.

Sigler’s autobiography, Wise Girl, reveals both the perks and pressures that accompany overnight fame, while also illustrating how uncertain times have made her stronger, more confident and able to face life’s challenges. She also describes how her obsession with her weight nearly destroyed her career, and the emotional and physical toll taken by a vicious bout with Lyme disease.


Speech Topics

  • Wise Girl: What I Learned about Life, Love and Loss

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