Gail Buckley

Best-selling Author and Historian

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At the Podium

At the podium, Buckley brings some of America’s greatest patriots to life. In a presentation described as “brilliant and intimate,” “thoughtful and entertaining,” Buckley illuminates the deeply moving and inspiration human stories of people determined to overcome obstacles of every kind.

She attracted our largest crowd ever. Her lecture was well paced, beautifully delivered with vivacity and style, and her enthusiasm infected the audience.

- Oxford University Press

About Gail Buckley

The best histories are about more than facts and events – something that Gail Buckley intimately understands. Her first book, The Hornes: An American Family, is an inspired history of Buckley’s mother, musical legend Lena Horne, and her family. Buckley traces the Hornes’ roots from the post-Civil War Reconstruction era up to the present day, writing with great insight about a family with ties to every major event in the United States during the past 150 years.

Buckley is a chronicler of “undiscovered American history – the people and events that are left out of the textbooks.” Buckley’s new book, The Black Calhouns (released February 2016), follows her family history from the Civil War to Civil Rights, starting with her great-great grandfather Moses Calhoun, a slave-turned-businessman.

Speech Topics

  • Black America at War: From George Washington to George Bush
  • The Hornes: An American Family

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