Eric Ryan & Adam Lowry

Co-Founders of Method Products, Inc.

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At the Podium

At the podium Lowry and Ryan deliver a rousing tribute to entrepreneurial spirit, full of anecdotes, case studies and their radical business philosophy. Audiences connect to the freshness and passion that is their company’s hallmark, illustrating how their ideas contrast and complement each other to bring energy to the brand.

About Eric Ryan & Adam Lowry

Inspiring and unconventional, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan’s five core values represent a new business model for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs: one where culture comes before process. Friends and business partners – Lowry, leveraging his chemical engineering know-how and Ryan, armed with marketing expertise – are the men behind one of the most defining and disruptive business stories in decades.

From the start, “Go big or go home” was their mantra and in over the decade since the 27-year-old co-founders first venture capital investment, they have built the world’s largest eco-friendly cleaning brand. In the process, they changed the perception of green home-care products – and the industry too.

Their company – Method – is one of Inc. 500’s top ten and was ranked one of the most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company. Today, the partners sell over 100 different products in more than 8,000 stores, and revenues are north of $100 million. Time and Vanity Fair Eco-Leaders, Lowry & Ryan are featured regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business.

As Chief Greenskeeper, Adam Lowry’s focus is bringing sustainable innovations to the business. He also directs the sustainability aspects of product design, sourcing, and production, and provides strategic input for consumer marketing and the press. Lowry has been honored as one of Vanity Fair’s Global Citizens and PETA’s Person of the Year for his pioneering work on sustainable business and product design. He is also a regular blogger for the Huffington Post and Treehugger.

Eric Ryan, the architect of the brand, brings experience and enthusiasm for building consumer and retail concepts. Prior to founding Method, Ryan spent over seven years in advertising, trend-spotting and brand positioning for high-end consumer brands including Gap, Old Navy and Saturn. By fusing his knowledge of fashion and design, Ryan created a modern and stylish line of environmentally-conscious surface products that are quickly finding their way to becoming permanent fixtures in homes around the world. Ryan was ranked #1 speaker by 2009’s Masters of Marketing scores, and has been named an eco-leader by Vanity Fair, a Food & Wine Tastemaker, an eco-revolutionary by Time Magazine, and PETA’s Person of the Year.

Ryan and Lowry’s newest book, The Method Method, takes readers through the seven “obsessions” that the pair relied on to go from selling cleaning products out of the trunk of a car to capturing valuable shelf space typically reserved for large corporations. Written with the irreverent attitude that makes people love the brand, they tell stories not only about their successes but also the failures that helped shape the innovative company.

Speech Topics

  • Be a Green Giant: Work for Purpose & Profit
  • Madness to Method: In Conversation
  • Style and Substance Brand Philosophy

Books and Media

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