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Former White House Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Expert and CEO,

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That artificial intelligence will transform our world is inevitable. To Eric Daimler—a leading expert in the field of robotics & AI—it’s also an incredible opportunity for augmentation in all that we do. Lost in the Hollywood narrative that robots will defeat or dehumanize us is their truth: robotics & AI will unlock an ability for individuals and companies to unleash their potential in ways not yet fully imaginable. While Daimler sees no Terminator apocalypse, he does see urgency in understanding AI’s possibilities: adapt or risk obsolescence of skill or industry.

When the President of the United States saw the need for a dynamic conversation about robotics & AI to guide smart adoption and policy, he turned to Daimler. Today, the AI field is concentrated in technical hands. What sets Daimler apart is his rare and high-level success all around robotics & AI through entrepreneurship, policy, early-stage venture investment, and academic research & teaching. This combination of knowledge and experience makes Daimler uniquely positioned to discuss the AI revolution both broadly and deeply, across industries, and in language relevant to a range of audiences—from farmers to Fortune 500 executives. He knows AI from every angle and can speak to specific fears and desires for a pragmatic approach to embracing AI.

Daimler’s message aims to bridge corporations and people into the imminent new age so that they may thrive and prosper. Those who hear him speak leave enthralled, empowered, and comforted knowing that they, too, have a role to play in a future that was once the stuff of science fiction.

About Eric Daimler

Dr. Eric Daimler is a leading authority in robotics & artificial intelligence with over 20 years of experience in the field as an entrepreneur, investor, academic, and policymaker. Most recently, Daimler is the co-founder and CEO of SpinGlass, a multi-tiered investment platform for fueling the development and adoption of emerging robotics & AI technology. creates, acquires, and applies modern digital technologies, including robotics & AI, to industries traditionally slow to adopt them. Previously, he co-founded six technology companies that have done pioneering work in fields ranging from storage software systems to statistical arbitrage.

Daimler is the author of the forthcoming book Your Augmented Future, a guidebook for entrepreneurs, engineers, policymakers, and citizens on how to understand—and benefit from—the unfolding revolution in robotics & AI. A frequent speaker, lecturer and commentator, he works to empower communities and citizens to leverage robotics & AI for a more sustainable, secure, and prosperous future.

As a Presidential Innovation Fellow in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy during the Obama Administration, Daimler helped drive the agenda for U.S. leadership in research, commercialization, and public adoption of robotics & AI. He has also served as Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Software Engineering in Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science. His academic research focuses on the intersection of Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, and Network Science (Graph Theory). He has a specialization in public policy and economics, helped launch Carnegie Mellon’s Silicon Valley Campus, and founded its Entrepreneurial Management program.

Daimler studied at the University of Washington-Seattle, Stanford University, and Carnegie Mellon, where he earned his PhD in computer science. He currently splits his time between New York, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh with his wife Melissa Daimler, an expert on the future of work.

Speech Topics

  • The Unfolding Revolution in Robotics and AI: What it Means for Your Industry
  • Augmentation, not Disruption
  • The “Constant Newbie”: Lifelong Learning in an Ever-Changing World

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