Emily Giffin

Best-Selling Author of Something Borrowed & Heart of the Matter

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Giffin brings to life the emotion, humor and relatable issues of her novels in her own insightful and intimate voice.  Sharing her personal journey to publishing success, Giffin provides a behind-the-scenes look at turning a dream into a reality.  A firm believer in taking risks and following your heart, Giffin speaks to the fears and hopes of anyone pursuing a seemingly unattainable goal — and provides living proof that the future you imagine can actually come true.

In a separate program, Giffin candidly and colorfully discusses the struggles that her memorable characters face in her novels – poignant conflicts and choices in friendships, marriage, work and motherhood that define every woman’s existence.  With a fresh and relatable take on the dilemmas facing the modern woman, Giffin brings to life with clarity and empathy just how complicated our lives can be . . . and how essential family, true friends, and forgiveness are in helping us navigate life’s difficult choices.

Ms. Giffin was engaging and wonderfully adept at incorporating the event’s mission purpose and the audience into her presentation. She was just perfect.

- New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation

About Emily Giffin

Dubbed a “modern-day Jane Austen,” Emily Giffin has touched the hearts of millions of readers.  Populated by emotionally charged and endearingly flawed characters that readers can’t help but root for, her six novels have been translated into 29 languages, with five million copies in print worldwide, and three have been optioned for the big screen.  The film of her first novel, Something Borrowed, premiered in May 2011 by the production companies of Hilary Swank and Edward Burns, starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, and John Krasinski. In her latest release, All We Ever Wanted, (which hit shelves June 2018), Giffin returns with an extraordinary story of three very different people who must choose between their families and their values.

Speech Topics

  • Getting to the Heart of the Matter: The Life of the Modern Woman
  • Turning a Dream into a Best-Seller: A Conversation with Emily Giffin

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