Ed Davis

Former Commissioner of the Boston Police Department, Cyber Security & Terrorism Expert, & Fox News Contributor

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At the Podium

Commissioner Davis is a natural storyteller with a refreshingly direct and charismatic style. His captivating speeches bring audiences behind the scenes of his experiences during the Boston Bombings, and the lessons in leadership and teamwork to be learned from his efforts to bring the terrorists to justice.

Additionally, Davis leaves audiences with a powerful understanding of the challenges we face in the 21st century, including cyber security, strategic leadership, team-building, and decision-making to manage any situation in any area of business.

Davis can also discuss his more personal issues of faith and community, and how his religious upbringing informs his work in public service. When Davis was a child, his grandmother lived with his family, and she taught him the importance of prayer and the use of faith as a support system in overcoming adversity. Growing up as an altar boy, the ministers and priests were his role models. They lived a life of service to the congregation and to their community, and influenced Ed to dedicate his life to serving the community through policing.

Ed is a terrific storyteller, weaving concrete takeaways into his unbelievable real-life examples of the kind of leadership that make a real difference in the strength and safety of a city. I highly recommend Ed as a speaker for any event, and I hope to have him at a future Chamber program in the near future.

- Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

About Ed Davis

Ed Davis is the Former Police Commissioner of the Boston Police Department and current President and CEO of the business strategy and security agency, Edward Davis LLC. Commissioner Davis was at the forefront of the emergency response to the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing and the arrests that followed. His experience during the Boston Marathon bombings was depicted in the feature film Patriots Day, starring John Goodman as Commissioner Davis, released in January 2017.

Commissioner Davis has built a stellar reputation on his diverse experience in interagency collaboration and law enforcement on local, state, national, and international levels. His keen insight into cyber security and anti-terrorism—as well as his expert knowledge in crisis management and strategic planning—translates across industries. Commissioner Davis’ unique approaches to terrorism, cyber security, and policing have been adopted both nationally and internationally in Singapore, London, Northern Ireland, Jordan, and Israel.

Ed Davis is a frequent contributor to CNN, FOX News, and USA Today, and has appeared on Meet the Press and 60 Minutes.  He is a Fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics and has lectured extensively at Harvard and MIT on Cyber Security and Terrorism.  He serves on the advisory board of Raytheon Cyber, Forcepoint, and is an advisor to several venture-backed startups including Cybric, Mark 43, and Shooter Detection Systems.

Speech Topics

  • Cyber Security for the Next Decade: Digital Threats to Corporate America
  • Policing in America : The Changing Landscape of Our Cities & Law Enforcement’s Role in Protecting Our Communities
  • Remembering Patriots Day: The Hunt for the Tsarnaev Brothers & the True Meaning of #BostonStrong

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