Don Mann

Former Member of SEAL Team Six, Renowned Athlete and Trainer

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At the Podium

At the podium and in Inside Seal Team 6, Mann shares a high-octane narrative of physical and mental toughness, giving unprecedented insight to the inner workings of the training and secret missions of the world’s most respected and feared combat unit.

Mann’s unique story and the lessons he shares during his highly-accredited and popular presentations come from his colorful and action-packed life as a Navy SEAL, as a contractor for the CIA, as a competitor in some of the world’s most grueling competitions, as a businessman, and as a New York Times Best-Selling author.

His presentation was genuinely inspirational. This was clear from engagement in the room during the presentations and even more evident from the constructive and rewarding discussion our team had later in the day. Many of your observations – about personal and collective achievement – resonated with the team and will remain with us.

- Allianz

About Don Mann

Don Mann, former Navy SEAL Team SIX Commando, CIA Operative, renowned World-Class Adventure Competitor and New York Times Best-Selling Author, presents a compelling and extremely motivating presentation that has inspired business leaders and professionals from all walks of life.

Mann’s impressive military biography includes being: a decorated combat veteran; Corpsman; SEAL Special Operations Technician; jungle, desert, and arctic survival instructor; small arms weapons instructor, foreign weapons instructor, armed and unarmed defense tactics instructor, advanced hand-to-hand combat instructor; and Survival, Evade, Resistance and Escape Instructor; in addition to other credentials.

Mann is the author of eleven books including the New York Times Best-Selling autobiography Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life and Missions with America’s Elite Warriors.

Speech Topics

  • Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life and Mission with America’s Elite Warriors
  • Reaching Beyond Boundaries
  • Unlocking Your Limitless Potential: Motivation for Any Situation

Books and Media

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