Dolvett Quince

Fitness Guru and Celebrity Trainer from The Biggest Loser

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Quince shares his powerful story that began as a child along with his three siblings in the foster care system, and led him to become of America’s most beloved fitness experts. He opens up about his thoughts on the foster care system, how it helped shape his life, and imparts the power of positive thinking to improve overall wellness. Quince’s heartwarming and triumphant story leaves audiences cheering on their feet and ready to implement health and fitness changes in their own lives.

His remarks were powerful and inspirational… We appreciate his passion for fostering the future both through empowering foster youth and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

- United Way California Capital Region

About Dolvett Quince

In November 2013, Dolvett Quince released his first book, The 3-1-2-1 Diet. In his signature style, he helps readers reshape themselves mentally to transform themselves physically. His effective eating plan ensures readers never feel deprived because it is flexible enough to fit into any lifestyle (with cheat dates included!).

Quince can be seen on NBC’s hit series The Biggest Loser, where in his first two seasons, he led his team and contestant to the win. For its 14th season, the show tackled childhood obesity and focused on helping teenagers lose weight and get healthy—a mission Quince is extremely passionate about and speaks on often.

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  • Dolvett Quince: Changing Lives One Rep at a Time
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