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Former Marketing Director for Microsoft & Best-Selling Author

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About Collins Hemingway

The Fifth Wave by Robert Marcus and Collins Hemingway is the indispensable sourcebook for understanding both the technology and the business context of the mobile internet.

Collins Hemingway is a business consultant, marketing expert, and executive coach who helps leaders instill creativity, solve complex problems, and make difficult decisions quickly in today’s demanding business market. He specializes in teaching leaders how to treat employees and customers in ways that help companies survive the tough times and position themselves for growth in the good times that will follow.

Best known for partnering with Microsoft founder Bill Gates on the #1 best-seller Business @ the Speed of Thought, Hemingway also co-authored Built for Growth, the gold standard on how companies can create, establish, and renew retail brands; and What Happy Companies Know, a book on how leaders can create positive cultures that outperform competitors and sustain success over time. He has also consulted on books ranging from supply-chain management to leadership and business strategies. A special interest remains emerging technologies in a variety of fields.

His latest book (co-authored with Robert Marcus), The Fifth Wave: A Strategic Vision for Mobile Internet Innovation, Investment and Return, is the first book to explain the mobile internet revolution and how it will radically alter life, society, and commerce. The mobile internet—the fifth wave of computing—is a tsunami. It represents the convergence of the internet with mobile networks and devices, creating a near-universal market of six billion users. Already generating $2.5 trillion in annual economic value, the mobile internet has barely begun to gather force. The Fifth Wave has become an indispensable sourcebook for understanding both the technology and the business context of the mobile internet. The book helps investors understand how to analyze and value technology and helps businesses develop the right approaches to take advantage of the commercial opportunities within the mobile internet.

Hemingway brings his Fifth Wave discoveries to the podium to share with audiences where the latest technology wave is going to take the world and how it will affect their businesses. Hemingway’s book is the first in-depth analysis of the future of mobile technology and he conveys with audiences just how they can adapt to and capitalize on that wave.

Unlike many consultants, Hemingway has spent most of his career inside companies, with operational and P&L responsibilities. He has worked for companies large and small, traditional and entrepreneurial. He has run small teams and managed multimillion-dollar departments with worldwide responsibilities. He helped pioneer computer technology in publishing, has worked for startup companies in the computer and aviation industries, and served as a director of business development and international marketing at Microsoft—where he helped draft the company’s Internet strategies and co-authored a business book with Bill Gates. He has served on the boards of both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Speech Topics

  • Going Deep: Strategies & Tactics to Build an International Business
  • Meaningful Work: How to Keep Customers Today & Build Growth For Tomorrow
  • The Fifth Wave: The Convergence of Mobile and the Internet and how it will Radically Alter Life
  • The Heart of a Brand: How Your Values Create a Unique & Sustainable Advantage...Especially When Times Are Bad
  • Third World Comes First: How Developing Markets Revolutionize Technology

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