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Founder of The Seventy Four & Award Winning Journalist

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On stage, Campbell Brown discusses the state of education in America, exploring our country’s educational challenges (given our economy in transition) and how that is affecting the educational needs of America’s 74 million children. In a frank and impassioned talk, she explains why we must win the fight to put the needs of America’s children first.

“Campbell was engaging, personable, honest, emotional, humble—amazing to work with.”

- UJC of MetroWest NJ

About Campbell Brown

Described recently by New York Magazine as “the most controversial woman in school reform”, award-winning journalist Campbell Brown has become one of the most vocal advocates for children, founding two non-profits aimed at challenging the public education establishment. Brown is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Seventy Four, a non-profit news site that covers education reform issues and stories affecting the 74 million children in America.  In New York, through her non-profit The Partnership for Educational Justice, Brown has helped parents bring a groundbreaking lawsuit challenging teacher tenure and special dismissal protections on constitutional grounds. Brown has also stood up to the teachers union in their attacks on high-performing charter schools in New York and around the country.

The Seventy Four website hosted presidential candidates in the first of its kind Education Summits — to drive a conversation during the presidential campaign about the most important issues impacting America and our future.

In January 2017, Campbell Brown was named to lead the new partnerships team at Facebook, to help news organizations and journalists work more closely and more effectively with social media.

Speech Topics

  • The Seventy Four: Putting the Needs of America’s Children First
  • Global Perspectives, Family Affairs: A Conversation with Husband Dan Senor

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