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With charm and humor, Anthony Melchiorri sheds light on his signature “no-nonsense approach” to management. He helps audiences understand why every business should run like a first-class hotel, no matter the industry. Audiences come away with a proven foundation that they can easily apply to their own business models for greater success. Melchiorri also takes audiences through his own journey of how hard work at various hotel establishments led him to becoming the most sought-after hospitality expert in the world. His presentations are known for injecting humor and personal anecdotes in a way that connects with audiences and inspires them to work hard. He also enjoys answering audience questions in a Q&A format moderated by author Jeffrey Robinson.

About Anthony Melchiorri

As the only Hotelier on broadcast television, Anthony Melchiorri is one of the most well-known and respected Hospitality Experts in the world. Over 25 years, utilizing his unique management style, Melchiorri helped to turn around New York’s iconic Plaza Hotel, put the Lucerne on the New York Times list as one of the very best run hotels in the city, and recreated the magic of The Algonquin— the literary haunt of the famous “Round Table.” From there, Melchiorri went on to develop the Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort in Florida, became first Vice President of Tishman Hotels and served as senior vice president of New York Hotel Management Company.

After 25 years in the hotel business, Melchiorri took his “no-nonsense” management approach to television. He is the creator and star of the wildly popular cable TV series, Hotel Impossible. Now in its sixth season, he works his magic each week to keep failing hotels with near-fatal problems, and especially the families who own these businesses, from going broke. Melchiorri had his hand in two additional shows that premiered on the Travel Channel in Fall 2015. He is the host of Hotel Showdown — a winner-takes-all competition in which four hotels go head-to-head for a $25,000 prize. As the creator and co-executive producer or Five-Star Secrets, Melchiorri takes viewers behind the scenes of the world’s best 5-star hotels— from sleeping in the most expensive room to an inside look at how security operates.

In addition to his work on television, Melchiorri is also completing a book about how to run any successful business like a five-star hotel. He is also the president and founder of Argeo Hospitality, an Anthony Melchiorri Co.

Speech Topics

  • How to Run Your Business Like a 5 Star Hotel

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