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Big Data Entrepreneur & Marketing Innovator

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Gannett has interviewed dozens of creative geniuses, including rock stars with 20 million albums sold, New York Times best-selling writers, and even a YouTube creator with over five million subscribers. The result? Gannett has uncovered the surprising principles creative geniuses use and gives audiences the steps to start applying them to their own lives. Whether attendees are starting a company, running an ad campaign, or writing a song, Gannett lays out five pillars (Creative Curve, Consumption, Constraints, Cycles, and Community) for creating new ideas that ensures that they too can beat the odds—and become a genius.
In a separate program, Gannett delivers practical advice for young people who are seeking to start any entrepreneurial endeavor: whether a business, nonprofit, or project. From how to attract top tier mentors, to how to raise money, Gannett gives lessons that will increase the odds for success.

About Allen Gannett

At 26, Allen Gannett is one of the youngest institutionally-backed CEOs in the country, a leader in the science of marketing and creativity, and a sought-after investor in innovative technology companies.

Gannett founded and is the CEO of TrackMaven, a marketing data and intelligence platform used by some of the world’s biggest brands including General Electric, Microsoft, Marriott, Fidelity, and other Fortune 500 companies. TrackMaven is the leader in data-driven marketing, helping brands unlock the science of their social, content, and digital advertising by analyzing millions of pieces of marketing content and uncovering actionable insights. This deep analysis puts Gannett at the forefront of understanding what makes creative content go viral. Since its founding in late 2012, TrackMaven has grown dramatically with nearly a hundred employees and hundreds of enterprise customers. In addition, Gannett has raised over $25 million from top-tier investors including New Enterprise Associates.

Speech Topics

  • In a Hurry: Lessons on Starting-Up Young
  • Science of Formulas
  • The Data of Social: Lessons from Analyzing One Billion Pieces of Content
  • The Laws of Creativity: The Hidden Science of Creative Genius

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