Adam Lowry

Co-Founder & Chief Greenskeeper, Method Products, Inc.

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At the Podium

Lowry delivers a rousing tribute to entrepreneurial spirit, full of anecdotes and case studies that have helped to drive Method’s radical business philosophy. Lowry takes audiences through their five core values, which represent a new business model for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, one where culture comes before process. Audiences connect to the freshness and passion that is their company’s hallmark, illustrating how their ideas contrast and complement each other to bring energy to the brand.

Adam was brilliant, especially on cause, culture and customer experience focus.

- Better by Design

About Adam Lowry

Adam Lowry believes that design has the power to change our world and that business is our greatest vehicle for positive social and environmental benefit. It is at the intersection of these beliefs that Adam has focused his work.  First and foremost an entrepreneur and change agent, Adam has a proven track record of innovation across multiple categories and consumer segments.

When Lowry co-founded Method Products — the environmentally friendly brand of cleaning products — with Eric Ryan in 2000, they used packaging stylish enough to showcase on the countertop and pleasant aromas to transform household products into must-have lifestyle accessories. When they coined the phrase ‘People Against Dirty,’ they weren’t just talking about the stuff you track in on your shoes, they also meant the toxic chemicals that make up many household detergents. As Chief Greenskeeper at Method, Adam’s focus is bringing sustainable innovations to the Method business.  He also directs the sustainability aspects of product design, sourcing, production, and marketing.

Today, Method is the leading innovator in stylish & sustainable cleaning and home care products.  The company has been ranked #7 on the Inc 500, and #16 on Fast Company’s list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World.

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  • Madness to Method: In Conversation

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