Zap2it : 'Giuliana & Bill': Rancics 'just trying to get through' breast cancer concerns

March 27th, 2012

March 27, 2012
By Jay Bobbin

bill-guiliana-rancic-style-network-gallery-season-4-420.jpgGiuliana and Bill Rancic never could have anticipated the path their reality show is taking.

The co-anchor of “E! News” and the first winner of NBC’s “The Apprentice” began Style’s Giuliana & Billby documenting their life as newlyweds, then detailing their efforts to have a child. The latter led to a startling discovery that first made headlines last fall — Giuliana‘s breast cancer — and the couple’s initial response to the diagnosis is seen when their series starts its fifth season Tuesday, April 3.

“The show is about our lives, and unfortunately, this is a turn our lives have taken,” Bill tells Zap2it, “but we wanted to show people how we’ve dealt with it. We thought this definitely could be a negative situation turned into a positive, but it’s not a whole season about breast cancer.”

Giuliana adds, “Right from the beginning, Bill and I made a deal with each other that if we did a reality show, we were going to do it as an actual, real show. We signed on to show what we thought would be this long-distance marriage that eventually would come together, with kids and a house, and it would be all fun. Sadly, that’s not how it’s turned out, and that’s really not what life is for most people.

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