World War Z author Max Brooks reveals delight at watching his book become a film

August 29th, 2011

The Daily Record
By Brian Mciver
August 26, 2011

As the world’s most prominent writer of the living dead, Max Brooks is renowned as the darling of the shuffling, terrifying monsters.

But when the American author came face to face with his first moaning and howling zombie in Glasgow city centre, even he was a little taken aback.

The writer flew in to Scotland this week to visit the set of Brad Pitt’s multi-million-dollar adaptation of his novel World War Z – and he could not believe just how great the movie monsters look and how crazy Scots were going for the film.

Max, 39, who is the son of screen icons Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, was invited to Scotland to see how the film is going and spent time watching the shoot in the city’s George Square before a book signing session in Glasgow.

He said: “It’s incredible. Brad Pitt really conquered the city. I’ve never seen this much enthusiasm for a film and everyone is really excited to be working with all these people cheering and watching.

“I was on set watching a scene where Brad Pitt is running with his family, and a hundred extras running with him, and behind us was a crowd of about 500 people just watching. The assistant director said how great it would be if only we had the money to hire all the people in behind us.

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