Winston-Salem Journal: The Fonz' Henry Winkler shares life lesson in Winston-Salem

September 14th, 2011

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The Fonz’ Henry Winkler shares life lesson in Winston-Salem

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 (Updated 6:30 am)
By Winston-Salem Journal

WINSTON-SALEM (MCT) — Henry Winkler was 31 years old — and several seasons into his iconic TV role as Fonzie on “Happy Days” — before he discovered he was dyslexic.  Growing up in Manhattan, he said, “I just thought I was stupid. And basically I was told that — ‘You’re lazy,’ ‘You’re not living up to your potential’ — from early on.”  Winkler was in town yesterday talking with students at Triad Academy, a school that teaches children with dyslexia.  When he speaks with students, Winkler said, “I talk about my dyslexia and my journey. What I always say is, we might learn differently, but that has nothing to do with how brilliant you are. … I think at the base of it, that’s my theme to those kids. That was something I had to learn and something that they can know earlier.”  Read More…