WCTV: Michael Oher's I Beat the Odds

February 14th, 2011


Michael Oher: I Beat the Odds

People around the country flocked to theaters to see the inspirational movie “The Blind Side” about Baltimore Ravens player Michael Oher. Now Oher has published a book of his own about his life

Feb 14, 2011
Reporter: Deneige Broom- deneige.broom@wctv.tv

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Michael Oher sat in the back of a movie theater watching his story “The Blind Side” being told on the big screen.

He wasn’t a part of writing that book or making the movie, so now with the help of Tallahassee author Don Yaeger, he’s telling the rest of his tale.

“A lot of difficult times and having to deal with so many let downs and not having this and not having that, it was just a lot of struggles but in the end it made me a tougher guy,” said Oher.

America saw the movie showing a wealthy family, the Tuohies, taking Oher into their home in highschool. The Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman says most of the movie’s depiction is true, but it doesn’t show the crucial years leading up to the teenaged turning point.

“The truth is he would’ve made a lot of decisions in his life, before then, that had he gone the wrong direction, he would’ve never been on the side of that road, he would’ve never been available to be saved. “

Oher grew up in Memphis, Tennessee fighting homelessness and foster care when his mother was addicted to drugs and his father was in and out of prison.

“People ask me if it was hard looking back, remembering the hard times. It taught me a lot and I learned so much from it that it made me a better person.”

He beat the odds and in his book even includes letters young men and woman around the country have sent, calling him their inspiration to fight too.

“I never thought in a million years that somebody would send me something like that.”

Oher says even without the help of the Tuohy family, he would’ve found a way to be successful but they helped him take it to a different level. Oher says he is still very close with the Tuohies.

Oher’s book “I Beat the Odds” is on sale now.