Washington Times: Remembering Ron Paul for "Changing the Debate"

November 26th, 2012

Washington Times
November 26, 2012
By, Kevin Kelly



WASHINGTON, DC, November 26, 2012 ― Congressman Ron Paul rose from relative obscurity to become a huge figure on the national stage, attracting a large and enthusiastic following of youthful supporters and affecting the course of the country’s political dialogue. After twelve terms, Paul has decided to retire from the House of Representatives, fueling speculation about what the former Obstetrician will do next.

During our recent conversation, he alluded to some of his future plans and discussed a wide array of other topics. Unlike most Americans when they retire, Congressman Paul won’t be heading home to relax. He explained that he plans to continue traveling across the nation, delivering speeches on college campuses to students eager to hear his philosophy of liberty.

The Congressman also discussed some of the other potential projects that he plans to embark upon in January: “Maximize my understanding and ability to use the Internet to spread the message. I’m interested in promoting homeschooling. That’s very important so people have options.” He continued, “I’m going to continue working with Campaign for Liberty. In my educational foundation, the FREE Foundation, I’m going to concentrate on talking about foreign policy and the foolishness of our overseas interventions.”


With the media and pundits already discussing the potential crop of political candidates unfolding for the 2016 Republican contest, I asked whether Congressman Paul knew of a potential candidate whom he was willing to support. “I think its way too premature. We’re barley getting over this race and the day after they’re talking about who’s going to be running. I think that four years is an eternity because conditions are going to change so differently. It might be so chaotic that maybe nobody will even want to. I haven’t spoken about 2016 and who I would support.”

I jokingly asked the Congressman whether Americans would see him run once more. After a brief laugh, he replied, “I don’t think so. I think I’ve had my chance. Three times was enough.” Who would the Congressman have asked to be his running mate if he had won his Party’s nomination? “I never got that far, and I don’t have one name that I can throw out. People like Judge Napolitano, somebody whom I have worked with very closely. I think that’s sort of presumptuous now, since it didn’t happen. But they would have been likeminded people.”


With a large and energetic base of support to help propel him into the limelight, Congressman Paul was able to capture the attention of Americans after the financial panic of 2008. For years he had been warning of and predicting an impending crisis in the housing market, due to the federal government and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies. They were derided and dismissed by politicians and media analysts, but Paul’s economic forecasts descended on the country exactly as he’d predicted.

Paul’s predictions are not limited to domestic economic policy. Throughout the election, he consistently described America as an overseas empire, and warned that like all empires, the “American Empire” is not immune from a systematic collapse. He explained: “It will come when the Dollar crashes.” He elaborated: “When we have to come home (from overseas) there will be some event that will precipitate a panic, getting out of the dollar, interest rates going up, and we can’t keep borrowing money.”

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