Washington Post: Fenty to teach at Oberlin in the fall

January 19th, 2011

Washington Post

Fenty to teach at Oberlin in the fall

By Nikita Stewart
Posted at 3:35 PM ET, 01/19/2011

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Former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will return to his alma mater Oberlin College as a distinguished visiting professor of politics, a featured lecturer and a career adviser in the Department of African American Studies.

Fenty, a 1992 graduate who majored in economics and English at the Ohio college, will participate in in a politics course in the spring, according to a news release issued by the college.

In the fall, he will co-teach an introductory course on American politics with mentor and professor Paul Dawson. The news release described the class as focusing “on the relationship between politics and public policy” and said Fenty is working on a case study of his administration focusing on education reform.

In October, Fenty confirmed that he was in talks with the college about teaching after his reelection loss.

According to the news release, Fenty isn’t moving. He will continue to live in the District to “manage a portfolio of consulting clients, participate in speaking engagements, and advocate for education reform and other urban policy initiatives.”

Fenty now has three jobs: Oberlin visiting professor, outside adviser and counsel to a Philadelphia-based firm and speaker-for-hire with a Manhattan talent agency.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to come back to Oberlin,” Fenty said in the news release. “My experience at Oberlin greatly influenced my outlook and beliefs. I’m looking forward to working with the next generation of students who want to make a difference.”

The faculty and leadership at Oberlin reacted with excitement, according to the news release:

“Oberlin College is delighted to have Adrian Fenty on campus as a visiting professor,”
Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov said. “His ability to relate timely, personal experiences will be a significant contribution to the discussion and teaching of political thought. Our students will benefit greatly from Fenty’s participation in teaching and mentoring.”

“We’re excited that Mr. Fenty will bring his legal background and public service experience to the Department of Politics,” Oberlin Politics Professor and Department Chair Harry Hirsch said. “We look forward to providing opportunities for Fenty to meet informally with students to discuss the ways in which their academic training and social concerns can lead to public service careers.”

The student body may not be as excited if it agrees with a writer for The Oberlin Review, who says Fenty’s record makes the hire “potentially problematic.”