Washington Post Book Review: “Then Came You,” by Jennifer Weiner

July 12th, 2011

Washington Post Book Review

By Claudia Deane, Published: July 12

Jennifer Weiner is the kind of author who has to answer this Frequently Asked Question on her Web site: “You seem really cool, so maybe we could get together and have coffee?” I’m thinking this isn’t a question that comes up a lot for, say, Cormac McCarthy. But if you’ve read several of her bestsellers, you know what’s spurring all the lunch invites from fans: Weiner’s characters project a friendly, vulnerable, teasing, familiar quality that suggests you and the author could be BFFs. Alas, the woman’s not available for lunch. What with publishing her ninth novel, co-creating/co-executive producing a new ABC Family sitcom, and tweeting what Time magazine recently called one of 140 Twitter feeds “shaping the conversation,” it’s a wonder she has lunch at all.

Weiner’s latest novel, “Then Came You,” revolves around that most oddly intimate of modern-day transactions: egg donorship and surrogacy. The story — told from alternating perspectives — opens with Jules, a Princeton senior from a seriously broken family. She lives at a puzzled distance from her own beauty and the way it attracts men and repels women. Among those it attracts is a suit-clad representative of the Princeton Fertility Clinic, who’s interested in her body, but not in the usual way.  Read More…