UWM Post: Ice cream man shares wisdom

April 23rd, 2012

UWM Post
23 April 2012
By Clair Sprenger

Ice cream man shares wisdom

Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s fame came to UW-Milwaukee last Tuesday night and spoke on business ethics, using the story of his company’s success to illustrate how businesses can and should give back to their communities.

Greenfield charmed the audience with witty humor and stories of failure and change to support his theme of a “double bottom-line.” This term describes how businesses should measure success by their impact on society, not just profit.

“You can have a business that not only makes money, but takes care of the community as well,” Greenfield said.

When Greenfield and Ben Cohen began to see themselves changing from ice cream makers to businessmen as Ben & Jerry’s grew from a small storefront to an empire, the entrepreneurs grew alarmed and almost gave up their careers.

A friend of theirs, however, said if they did not like the negative vibe of business, then they should challenge the concept itself, bringing them to a pivotal realization and inspiring them to run the business in a socially-conscious manner.

“There is a spirituality aspect to business, just as there is to the lives of individuals,” Greenfield said.

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