USA Today: McCain daughter: Campaigns take toll on families

October 23rd, 2012

USA Today
October 23. 2012
By, Catalina Camia


Meghan McCain knows all too well what Mitt Romney’s five sons will be going through from now through Election Day. The daughter of the 2008 GOP presidential nominee warns the emotional toll will be taxing.

McCain, who turned 28 on Tuesday, reflected on the final two weeks of campaign 2008 in a column for MSNBC.

“Things will be said, accused and dissected in a way that only the America media can,” McCain writes about the superficial topics that are bound to be discussed. “Despite it all, there is no other option for the family of both candidates than to keep the game face on. Even if it is your own father and mother you are watching get torn apart by the hyenas of the 24-hour news cycle, you have to sit back and brace yourself in the best way you can.”

The Romney boys have been skewered on Saturday Night Live, and their wealth and upbringing have been mocked. A meme about Josh Romney, 37, son No. 3, sprouted in the hours after the town hall debate Oct. 16 after he was captured on camera with a stern look on his face.

McCain spent a lot of time in 2008 campaigning with her dad, Arizona Sen. John McCain, and her mom, Cindy. Comments have been made about her weight and her clothing, and she acknowledged this year she has seen a therapist about the criticism of her body.

Meghan McCain writes:

“The campaign process created an emotional toll that I have yet to experience at any other time in my life. As I watched President Obama and Gov. Romney trade barbs last night from the comfort of my living room, all I could think of was I do not envy Ann Romney, or any member of her family tonight.”

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