USA Today: Help write the next great Nicholas Sparks book with USA Weekend

April 5th, 2012

USA Today
April 5, 2012
By Kara Sirmans

Nicholas Sparks knows his way around a love story – he’s sold about 52 million copies of them, including the The Notebook. His novel The Lucky One (the movie adaptation starring Zac Efron is due in theaters April 20) is currently No. 7 on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list. Sparks has become known for a signature brand of love story – the kind that whether the characters live happily ever after or not, their lives are transformed for the better.

Sparks now challenges readers to flex their writing fingers and collaborate on a group story. He’s provided the title and first and last sentences to a new story that they’ll get to create themselves on

The story will be called The End of All Things and begins: “Jasmine Blake thought she understood what love meant until the day she almost died.”

What happens next is up to you, the reader. In a collaborative story, the plot will continue to grow and develop as each reader participates, adding the next sentences and paragraphs in Jasmine’s story. Each day, we’ll provide an editor’s update on where the story is so far, until we reach the last sentence, also provided by Sparks: “She was just falling asleep when the car stopped, and Rick whispered, ‘We’re home.'”

How did Jasmine almost die? What did she think she knew about love? And who is this Rick, anyway? We look forward to hearing your take on where the story goes next!

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