Tina Brown: CNN: Tina Brown on Princess Diana murder conspiracies: "It's absolutely old potatoes"

August 19th, 2013

by Jason Kurtz
August 19, 2013

On the back-drop of recently resurfacing rumors surrounding the death of Princess Diana, on Monday evening “Piers Morgan Live” invited Tina Brown to offer her personal insight and expertise.

Editor in Chief of “The Daily Beast,” Brown also penned a 2007 best-selling book entitled “The Diana Chronicles,” and finds the latest headlines to be rather foolish:

“[We’re] still talking about whether or not Princess Diana was murdered in a conspiracy 16 years later. It’s really remarkable. It’s absolutely old potatoes,” she says, of the newest narrative. “She could not have been murdered. The events of that night were so chaotic, were so variable, were so unlikely, planning such a murder would have been absolutely impossible.”

Over the weekend, new reports issued by the UK press implicated the British military in the 1997 Paris car accident that cost Diana and two others their lives. Brown told Piers Morgan that the crash is more likely the result of a series of misfortunate events all coming together at nearly the same instant:

“He [the driver] lost control because he took off like a bat out of hell at 75 miles an hour, tire-squealing pace, from the paparazzi,” she explained. “He didn’t slow down because he’d at least six, they thought…four to six Pastis, French anise drinks that, you know, are very potent. He would mix that with Prozac and Tiapride, which are two medications that he was on. So here you have this combination of the medication, the going too fast, the approaching the tunnel at the 75 miles per hour, not slowing down, going into that tunnel without any kind of care, then this Fiat Uno comes up on the right-hand side, and he swerves to avoid it, and he ricochets from one pillar to the next, and finally crashes into the 13th pillar of the [Pont de] l’Alma Tunnel.”

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