TIME: Facebook's Zuckerberg to Discuss The Social Network on 60 Minutes with Lesley Stahl

December 3rd, 2010

Facebook’s Zuckerberg to Discuss The Social Network on 60 Minutes
By: Glen Levy

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In what will surely become known as the Frost-Nixon de nos jours, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl are set to go one-on-one again this Sunday. Let’s hope they don’t unfriend each other once the dust settles.

Zuckerberg is going to discuss David Fincher’s movie The Social Network, and it’s the first time he’s given an interview on TV since the film opened. Jesse Eisenberg’s depiction of him, in no small part due to Aaron Sorkin’s searing script, hardly portrayed Zuck in a flattering light so it will be fascinating to hear his views. He’ll also talk about the direction Facebook is headed in and his rising profile as its CEO. You can check out a preview clip here

Possibly as interesting, though, is the opportunity to see if there’s more tension between interviewer and interviewee. Back in 2008 — which in social media terms, must be a generation ago — Zuckerberg went on 60 Minutes as “the face of Facebook” and even helped Stahl set up her account. During the piece, Stahl asked the seemingly innocent question in reference to the Google guys of, “You seem to be replacing Larry and Sergey as the people out here who everyone’s talking about.” Zuckerberg simply sniffed, paused and blinked. “You’re just staring at me,” Stahl said. Zuckerberg responded: “Is that a question?”

Any more fireworks of that nature and NewsFeed will demand that every edition of 60 Minutes features the Zuckerberg/Stahl double act, in which they glare at one another, shake their heads and end up poking each