The Wrap : James Cameron and Mark Burnett Team for Discovery's 'Robogeddon'

April 5th, 2012

The Wrap
April 5, 2012
By Tim Kenneally

James Cameron and Mark Burnett are joining forces for a new series called “Robogeddon,” Discovery announced at its up-front presentation Thursday. The series from Oscar-winning director Cameron and reality TV mastermind Burnett will feature mechanical robots fighting, as on the Comedy Central show “BattleBots.”

Engineer Donald Hutson, the two-time Super Heavyweight Champion of “BattleBots” who is also competing on “Robogeddon,” was on hand to show off his handiwork (pictured).

That isn’t the only upcoming Discovery series that Burnett will be taking part in. The “Survivor” producer, who produced “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” will once again explore the state for a new series on Discovery.

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