The Washington Times Reviews Tabloid City

June 24th, 2011

The Washington Times

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Tabloid City’

By John Greenya
7:31 a.m., Friday, June 24, 2011


By Pete Hamill
Little, Brown & Co., $26.99, 278 pages

Over his many years of writing, Pete Hamill has had three great loves: journalism, New York City and boozing it up. As he explained in “A Drinking Life” (1995), he gave up booze, but, as he proves so artfully in his latest novel, “Tabloid City,” his love for the first two burns as fiercely as ever.

In true journalistic fashion, the story is paramount. It may be told through its many characters, but what happens, not the people involved, is “the wood,” which he tells us is an old newsie’s term for the important story. Read More…