The Vancouver Sun: Danny Glover hears Donovan's Echo

February 22nd, 2012

The Vancouver Sun
By Jay Stone
February 22, 2012

Danny Glover is a little late calling, but he has a good excuse: He’s on the way to the dentist. The dentist is in Seattle. Glover flew there from Los Angeles.

He’s been going there for seven years, part of a long-term “project,” as he calls it, involving everything from oral surgery to braces to pulling teeth. But he’s near the end of the road now – he says he’s in his last year. At 65, he’s finally getting his dental health straightened away.

It’s all part of a life in transition, a situation that puts Glover on the same track as Donovan Matheson, the character he plays in the new Canadian movie Donovan’s Echo. Donovan is an alcoholic who lost his wife and daughter in a car accident 30 years earlier. Now he has returned to the small town where they lived and is picking up mysterious echoes – events with a mystical deja vu – that link him to the past. If he can decipher the message, he may be able to redeem himself.

It’s a low-budget, independent movie made by Jim Cliffe, a first-time director, and it’s miles away from the studio blockbusters – notably the Lethal Weapon series of films – for which Glover is known. But that’s fine with Glover.

“Somebody sends me something and I read the material and I get excited about the story,” he says. “I was very intrigued by it. It’s a very intelligent film.”

Like Donovan, Glover says he’s at the point where he’s thinking about his life and his past. And he says he also understands the deja vu elements of Donovan’s Echo. “It happens to me all the time, you know what I’m saying?,” he said. “Meeting someone, seeing someone, finding someone, connecting with someone, finding a relationship with somebody that you didn’t anticipate. I’m challenged all the time with keeping that space open.”