The San Francisco Chronicle: Billy Beane to attend Oscars to back 'Moneyball'

February 10th, 2012

The San Francisco Chronicle
February 10, 2012
By, Susan Slusser

Brad Pitt was nominated for an Academy Award as best actor for playing A’s general manager Billy Beane in “Moneyball.”

And Beane will be there in person to cheer Pitt on, he said. Beane and his wife, Tara, plan to attend the Oscars on Feb. 26 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

“I’m going,” Beane said by phone. “It will be fun. I’m excited for Brad, and I know how much time and effort he put into it.

“Of course, absolutely I’m rooting for him. Not me. It’s got nothing to do with me. It’s all about Brad. He’s a great guy, and I do want him to win for his sake, not for me. He’s the one who put himself on the line. He’s one of the producers, and he was the driving force behind getting the movie made. Anything he gets, he deserves.”

Beane said his wife is also excited, although nervous about the preparations, and Beane is hoping his daughter, Casey, who attends college in Ohio, can attend; she is portrayed in the movie and is a significant figure in the plot.